Monday, February 28, 2011

A Friendly Disclaimer

This is my first blog, and I can see no better way of honoring it than to immediately strip it of its wonder and magic through a cold, heartless disclaimer.  It is with gleeful enjoyment that I warn all readers of the following:

The content contained herein reflects the views and opinions of one person.  Anyone who disagrees can go ahead and create their own blog.  The Ardent Fool takes no responsibility for mental trauma incurred as a result of the following:  offensive views, ample amounts of obscenity, inclusion of blunt and unpleasant truths (e.g. Santa Claus isn't real, electro ab-shocker belts are not a legitimate form of exercise, soylent green is people, and so on), or run-of-the-mill stupidity.

That said, if I do say anything ridiculous or cite facts, I will do my best to source it.  Please enjoy and comment to your heart's content.